Jesus Take The Wheel

Today I remembered a funny story I’d like to share. Our kids have been very high maintenance lately with sickness and attitudes and all the other stuff kids go through. We love them but sometimes I have to bust out into “Jesus Take the Wheel” both as a prayer and for comic relief to help me keep my sanity.

So today was one of those days and I broke out in to “Jesus Take the Wheel”, but this time I remembered a ride in the car from about a year ago. We were riding down the road (in our minivan) and talking with the kids about different stuff when we started talking about Jesus and how he is always with us. They said, “is he in the car?” and we told them yes he is always with us wherever we are. They both turned around and tried looking for him in the back seat saying “Jesus, are you back there?” That is precious…

They still don’t really understand how Jesus is always with us but we can’t ever see him. One day I’ll explain to them how Jesus isn’t in the back seat – he’s in the drivers seat. But if I tried to tell them that now I can guess what the next comment would be, “Daddy, YOU’RE NOT JESUS!” Kids are so honest.

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