Joe Sangl Crusade

Yesterday I had another meeting with Joe Sangl. As always he had some good advice about some simple problems we were running in to with our budget. He also told me Shawna and I are doing the best job he’s ever seen at budgeting cyclical income (that means my income isn’t the same every month, it has ups and downs). That compliment gave me a little boost of confidence. Maybe one day I’ll make Joe’s financial hero list. Ok, maybe that isn’t a realistic goal.

We are slowly but surely moving forward, so Joe stretched me once again with some new things to read and a new milestone to reach before our next meeting. I’m very excited to start what he challenged me to do but I’m also very nervous about what it will require from my budget. Maybe one day I’ll share the whole story…

Joe is crusading all over the place. His upcoming speaking engagements are in Atlanta and Charlottte. He’s tweaking details about his program to make it more successful. We could all learn a lot from Joe. Read his blog every weekday at

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