Keep It Real

Keep It Real

A couple of years ago I bought a t-shirt with the above print on it.  I think this shirt is hilarious with the ghost, magic wand, zombie, unicorn, space ship, imaginary friend, and dinosaur.  It’s hyperbole (I know a few big words too smart people).  The reason I love this shirt so much is because some of my biggest lessons in life could have been learned sooner if I had just lived by the motto – Keep It Real.

Now this is like one of my core values – Keep It Real.  I think one of the biggest failures among Christians as a whole is the unwillingness to keep it real.  We act like we’ve got it all together because if we don’t then we’re looked down on by those who are likely just better actors.  The problem is pride.  The Bible warns about it – pride comes before the fall.

Proverbs teaches us the importance of wisdom and that we should seek it no matter the cost.  To truly do that we have to swallow our pride, be willing to admit we don’t know everything and we don’t have it all together, and actually ask someone who might have the wisdom we need.  I’ve learned this the hard way in major areas of life, and I’ve observed that most other people are learning things the hard way too.

Years ago I was much more transparent on this blog but along the way I became more reserved for various reasons.  It’s about to get a lot more real on here again because I believe when we keep it real we keep pride down and relational value up.  Who’s with me?

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