Kids and Being In Control

I’ve said it many times that having kids changes everything.  One thing that comes to mind is control.  I’m a go-getter person.  I think I’m pretty efficient at getting things done and I still end up committing to do too much.  Even when it was just Shawna and I that was a problem.  I was ALWAYS doing something.  Shawna thought she was single much of the time because I was always busy doing something (usually trying to earn money).  But what I remember specifically relating to control is at that time I always had control over what I was doing at any given moment.  Kids completely change that.  You can have perfectly laid out plans to do some tasks or projects around the house and none of it gets done because while you can control what you do and what you plan on doing you can NEVER completely control what the kids are going to do.  They mess up something they weren’t supposed to touch.  They pee on the floor.  They break a leg.  All of those things completely ruin whatever you had planned.  But you wouldn’t change it for the world.  Just like having faith in God’s provision for you and giving up THAT control.  Giving up complete control of what you plan on doing is kinda freeing too.  You just learn to roll with it.

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