Kids & Proper Anatomy Terminology

The other night Shawna and I had date night so we had a babysitter for Devin & Skyler. Our regular babysitter was busy so we had to call in a babysitter we haven’t used in a while. The kids love Samantha and it was funny to hear the stories when we got home of how things have changed since the last time they were all together.

Samantha does a great job making our kids mind just as we would. A lot of sitters let the kids have whatever they want and give in to their little manipulative ways, but Samantha has experience from all the time she has spent with her small siblings.

If you know my kids you know that they have their moments where it’s all about attitude (comes from their mother). Well since the kids weren’t getting their way like they are used to with the other sitter the proceeded to tell her with the attitude in their tone, “Next time you come you have to be nice to us.”

There were other funny stories from Samantha. One was about Skyler asking a lot of questions about the handicapped person she observed at the mall (another people watcher in the making). She referred to the lady who was sitting in a chair with wheels on it and she looked dead. Somehow Samantha explained to her that the person wasn’t blessed with strong legs and they aren’t dead – their brain just isn’t working. We’ll have to fix this one later when Skyler is big enough to understand, but for now that confused her enough to change the subject.

The most hilarious story was Samantha’s shock to hear Devin’s knowledge of proper anatomy terminology. She was helping him take a bath and didn’t know what word to use to get him to wash his private area. So she said “don’t forget to wash your winkie.” To which Devin quickly responded, “It’s not my winkie. It’s my penis. But sometimes my daddy calls it pecker.” Then he proceeded to laugh at himself. That is hilarious!

If you’re thinking we’re freaks – shut up – I mean be quiet (our kids know both shut up and be quiet but we teach them be quiet is more polite). I’m not so naive as to think my kid isn’t going to hear all types of slang from somebody. I’d rather him learn it from me and know that it isn’t proper and it isn’t the end of the world if somebody says it. I’m wondering when it will be the right time to teach my kids what cuss words are – before your brat or the TV teaches it to them inapropriately…

Anyway, I’m getting on another soapbox and didn’t want to – the story was funny. I think I’ll go help Skyler work on her terminology. A certain word is still sounding like “majama” instead of, well… you figure it out.

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