King of the Hill Appreciation

A few weeks ago Perry preached about men being the leader for their family and used an analogy of how it is like playing king of the hill as a kid.  No matter how many times you get knocked down you’ve gotta fight to be the king of the hill.  Your family is depending on you to fight to be the king of the hill, the leader of the family.

The message really spoke to me and helps me keep a good perspective on what it is like succeeding and failing as a husband and father.  Here is an observation I’ve made as I pay closer attention to this in my life.  It’s nice when I succeed but I often feel under-appreciated because it is what is expected of me. The other side of my observation is it really sucks when I screw up because it gets a lot of negative attention.  I end up feeling like I get more negative attention than positive attention because I either screw up way too much or my bad outweighs my good or something.  Or maybe it is just that appreciation thing.  Maybe I’d like to be shown as much appreciation for when I’m getting it right as I am shown negative when I get things wrong (even though getting it right is what is expected of me). 

So I challenge myself – how much appreciation do I show to my family (or everyone for that matter) when they do what I expect of them?  Why should I expect others to appreciate me when I probably need to do a better job showing appreciation too?

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