Kyle’s Getting Married

A little over 12 years ago I gained a new little brother in my life.  At that time he was barely hitting puberty and I was the “all-grown-up” age of 20, so I think I was sorta like an influential figure in his life.  I mean surely I was the first one to show him how to throw slices of pizza like a frisbee…from an indoor-entry 4th or 5th floor hotel room…to the lobby at the bottom.  Not to mention I showed him how to win a lady 😉  So I think I was a pretty good influence.  At least that’s what I like to tell myself as he gets all grown up now and seems to be taking life by the horns and making a path for his future that is promising and bright.  I’m proud of Kyle, Shawna’s brother and my brother by marriage to Shawna, just like I’m proud of my own blood brother Matt.

Today Kyle is getting married to Caitlin – a wonderful young lady who we’ve all gotten to know a little bit during their dating relationship.  We’re proud to have her join the family and be the only one that stands a chance of keeping Kyle in line now that he’s a grown man.  One of the ways I know Caitlin comes from a good family is because her dad pulls for one of the teams I also like – GA TECH!  I have the best hopes for Kyle and Caitlin’s wedding and future – that their life together will be long and filled with happiness and determination so their love for each other can stand the test of time.

One of the greatest words of wisdom I heard on my wedding day was from Uncle Mike (on Shawna’s side of the family).  A lot of people had nice things to say that day, and I appreciate them all.  But I particularly remember what Uncle Mike had to say because at that time his own marriage had recently gone through a difficult time.  I still remember it like it was yesterday and will never forget it.  He leaned in to me and said in my ear, “Don’t ever forget how you feel about each other TODAY”.  I don’t know of any other advice I could give Kyle and Caitlin on their wedding day that would be more simple yet valuable than that.



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