Lead In Building Relationship

Husbands should lead, and that includes building relationship with our wives.  Dude, when is the last time you had a date night?  If we’re not spending time developing the relationship we have with our wife then it is pretty much impossible for us to be the trusted leader of our family.

What is getting in the way?  Are you giving her the cold shoulder because she was mean or disrespectful about something to you?  I understand – I’ve been there.  But you gotta get over it and lead her to a place where you can work through that and work on the relationship anyway.  If she continues to treat you wrong that is on her and she will have to answer to God.  You’ve gotta do what you’re called to do.  Lead whether she likes it or not.  How do you even know she’s not already wishing you would?

Daddy’s, we should lead in building relationship with our kids.  It isn’t easy.  It’s even awkward at times.  But they need to know us.  They need our love and influence in their life.  They aren’t going to lead us in building that relationship.  Our wives shouldn’t have to force us to build that relationship.  We should seek and build that relationship as the leader of our family.

It’s so easy for us to become complacent with those who love us most, which makes it easy for those relationships to suffer.  I have to pray all the time that God will show me ways to be intentional in leading the relationships in my life that are most important to me.  All men should do that – even men who are not married or have kids yet because one day you hopefully will.

Bottom line – the man is supposed to be the leader so the man should take the lead in building relationships, knowing that it will help the marriage and family accomplish more in so many ways spiritually, relationally, and financially.

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