Leading Money

I heard a pastor friend of mine say, “If I LOVE money it will lead me.  If I LEAD money it will serve me.”  The following came to mind as I thought about that powerful statement.  Here are three simple thoughts to expand a little bit on the idea of leading money:

  1. To lead money I must know where I’m going.  We must have a plan and the plan must move us in the direction of the hopes, dreams, and calling in our life.  Where are you going?
  2. To lead money I must tell it where to go…all the time.  Telling our money where to go on a regular basis is called budgeting, and that is not a dirty word.  Do you have a budget?
  3. To lead money I must know where it is going…all the time.  We must know if our money is going where we told it to or we won’t know if we’re making progress towards the hopes, dreams, and calling in our life.  Are you tracking where your money is going?

Most people are not doing any of those three effectively.  But the one I find people are most undisciplined at doing is knowing where their money is going…all the time.  It isn’t that difficult to dream big dreams and write them down.  It usually isn’t even that difficult to put together a budget that makes sense to get to those dreams.  But sticking to that plan and tracking to make sure the money is doing what we told it to is the most difficult thing we have to do.  It’s constant, tedious, and frustrating.  But it’s totally worth it.

I prefer Quicken.  How do you track your money?  Please take a minute to tell me – it’s anonymous.

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