Living A Dream

First, if you actually read this blog I just want to share todays daily newsletter that I read because it has yet another article about short bursts of exercise and another section about the holidays that I completely agree with. Check it out here.

Now, as for my main thought today. I want to pronounce my love for Shawna again. My brother-in-law, Kyle, has loaned me his movie collection (which is quite an impressive collection) and I’ve been watching some of the movies that I’ve never seen before. When I watch “chick flix” I usually either get pissed off because of how stupid humans are when they’re “in love” (more stupid than the stuff I did) or I relate something about the movie to my own life and relationship. One of the movies I just watched, which I will not name because I’m ashamed of the f-bombs and an unnecessary boob shot, reminded me a bit of the feelings I had when I fell in love with Shawna.

Somehow this movie made me realize something so true that I fail to remember on a daily basis but it never loses significance. My wife is a dream come true and I get to relive the dream of love every single day. It’s so worth working on and fighting for – and I’ll talk more about that another day.

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