Lord’s Supper

If you were at NewSpring this past Sunday you saw the largest print of The Lord’s Supper painting that I have ever seen – actually there were two of them, one on each side of the auditorium (I’m talking huge – 12 feet tall by 24 feet wide). People who have accepted Christ during this sermon series came down and wrote their name on the Lord’s Supper table as a symbol of their committing their life to Jesus. It was awesome.

I’m so blessed that I had the opportunity to volunteer my services to NewSpring to have those large prints produced at a company I do business with (it wasn’t the company I work for). I didn’t pay for the prints or anything but I helped Chris Dunagan find a quality source for a good price. Chris (aka Gizzard or Gizz for short) did all the real work preparing the image and all that. I just did some communicating back and forth between Gizz and the printer. It was the least I could do to help out with something I’m fairly good at – dealing in the print industry. But that isn’t what I’m wanting to write about.

The good part of this story comes in to play when Gizz and I went to Atlanta to pick up the finished project. The owner of this company asked us what we were doing with these two huge prints of the Lords Supper. This is the good part and I would try to re-verbalize it but I wouldn’t do justice to what Gizz said. It was just amazing the way Gizz explained to this guy what was being done with these huge prints and what it would symoblize for those going through a life changing experience of accepting Christ.

It was one of the best examples of witnessing I have ever seen. In fact when we left there I said “that guy just got witnessed to and he don’t even know it”. What Gizz did is planted a seed. I also told Gizz that I’ve met that guy before but don’t know anything about his beliefs, but if he isn’t a Christ believer he will definitely be thinking about it after the way Gizz planted that seed.

Gizz is one of the most passionate people on staff at NewSpring. He stands out above most in my opinion – not to take anything away from the others. He knows his role, stays true to vision and leadership, and does what he loves with a deep level of passion and conviction.

And in case you ever need their services – Chris (Gizz) and his wife Jessica are both graphic designers and do freelance work when they have time. They are expecting a baby too so if they’re anything like us they will be open to extra income.

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