March Birthdays

Ok, I had no idea how many friends/family birthdays there are in March. For about the past year I’ve taken a much greater interest in knowing what everybody’s birthday is because I want to be able to stay in touch and because I care and want everybody to know they’re being thought of on their b-day. I knew there were a few b-days in March. But man, it seems like every day I’ve been either sending one of those e-cards everybody gets from us or I’ve been going to birthday parties. It’s great. Now that we’re almost at the end of the month I can’t even remember who all’s birthday has been this month.
HOWEVER, there is one I never have any trouble remembering. SHAWNA’S!!! If it isn’t easy enough to remember just because she is my wonderful wife, it is even more memorable because she normally reminds everyone with a daily countdown about a month ahead of time. She is much bigger on b-days that I have ever been. I really try to make it a special time for her. Here’s what she might remember about this year:
  • Allergies – Shawna is having a very difficult time with the pollen right now. If you see her and she seems a little out of it – she’s probably on allergy drugs. Please understand.
  • The visit to the chiropractor – Yes, Shawna is having trouble with her back. I’m no expert but even I can tell from the x-ray her back just ain’t right (that’s southern for “like, really messed up”). Luckily we were referred to a good doctor who is putting Shawna on a 16 week plan, the damage isn’t as bad as it could be, and we’re very optimistic that everything will be ok. But everyone pray.
  • The chiropractor bill – It isn’t free. Shawna offered to give me her birthday money to help pay for it but of course I’m not going to accept that. I’ll just take it out of funds we had designated for something else that I can replace in the next few months. But still, neither of us will forget we just had to get the bill on her birthday. Bad timing Doc.
  • Dance class – Just cause it’s your birthday doesn’t mean you get a break from being a mom – well except for what relief I can offer. Shawna’s b-day just happened to be the same day as Skyler’s dance class and it was Shawna’s turn to take both Skyler and her friend Olivia (she swaps turns with one of the other moms sometimes). What’s better is I got to go this time too – to be with Shawna on her birthday.
  • Chick Fil A “birthday party” – We told our kids we were going to Chick Fil A for momma’s b-day and they thought it was going to be like a b-day party they would have. They couldn’t understand why there weren’t cake and presents. It was funny. (She got presents in case you’re wondering, and ChickFilA isn’t the only b-day celebration – it was about the 3rd and it isn’t the last).
  • The cake – after Chick Fil A we of course had to go get a birthday cake, so we went to Publix (in the back of my mind I wanted to test the commercial about how great their cake service is). The kids didn’t really know what it should say so we just decided on “Happy Birthday Momma.” Well that wasn’t good enough for me so I had the guy add “Hot” before momma. He had to ask if I was serious and I told him absolutely. The funny thing is Shawna was standing there. The cake guy will probably remember Shawna’s birthday too – or at least the strange couple who is still so happy and in love even after 6 years of marriage and two kids – he may have never seen anyone like that before. Anyway, Publix cake commercial is true.
  • The garden tub bath – I ran a hot bath for Shawna in our large garden jacuzzi tub thingy that we rarely use (it has to be cleaned before each use because it is so infrequent – so I wasn’t just turning the water on). She really enjoyed the alone time (I didn’t get in there with her like I normally would) and it felt good and helped her back…
  • The foot massage – yep, I did this too – while she was on the phone with everybody in our family who called back to back for about 2 hours straight to say Happy Birthday.

Ok, no more about our mushy stuff. The celebrating isn’t over til we go to Shawna’s favorite restaurant in beautiful downtown Greenville, and I’m making those plans now.

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