Married With Money

Remember that show from years ago called “Married With Children“?  Al and Peg and their two unruly teenage kids seem to have a miserably happy existence as a family.  It seems like they never left that living room and everything that happened was a picture painted with their crazy words so that you imagined how it went down.  Thinking back on that show if there is anything I could admire about it I think it would be that Al and Peg never really seemed shocked by the crazy things their kids did (or at least talked about doing), and nothing was ever taken too seriously.  Fellow parents let’s just admit – we’d all like to have a little bit of “whatever” attitude when it comes to having kids.

Now that I have kids I am more and more fully aware of the implications suggested by the title of that show – “Married With Children”.  Because being married is one thing, but having children is a whole-notha-thing and it can be crazy.  I think being married with money could be depicted in similar fashion.  I think we could make a new show titled “Married With Money” and portray a crazy middle class family like the Bundy family doing ridiculous stuff (or at least talking about what happened) with their money.  I’m sure there were moments of money issues depicted in “Married With Children” but I don’t remember specific episodes like that.

As funny as a show like that could be I think it would still be important to portray the husband and wife as light-hearted about it all.  I mean we should take managing money seriously, but crazy things are going to happen and we’re all going to make mistakes.  What we could learn from the Bundy family is to just take it in stride and keep moving forward.  That’s what kept Al and Peg together all those years…

What if there was a show ALL ABOUT the ridiculous money-related issues middle class families have today?  How would those story lines go?

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