McRib Is Back

McRib Sandwich has Made It's Occasional Comeback!  This might be news to some, but the McRib sandwich has made it’s occasional comeback…for a limited time…just like every other time it makes a comeback.  It’s a great marketing tactic, using limited availability to create huge spikes in demand for a product that would perform mediocre on an ongoing basis.  For the true McRib sandwich fans it’s an opportunity they take advantage of as often as they can while they can.   This type of marketing is all around us.  “Act now while supplies last, for a limited time only.”

Sometimes I jump on these types of things too, and sometimes regret it, but I won’t be jumping on this one.  Here are 5 reasons I will not be taking advantage of the McRib limited time offer:

  1. I do not normally eat at McDonalds.
  2. I am not a fan of McRib.
  3. My arteries will be better off without McRib.
  4. The air quality will be better off if my stomach doesn’t have to digest a McRib.
  5. For about $12 more than the cost of McRib I can get a full rack of REAL quality ribs at a BBQ restaurant, and that sounds like a much better use of my eating out funds.
What about you?  Are you a raving fan of the McRib?


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