Michael’s Stores

My daughter impresses me from time to time with her memory of stores and shopping. She is only 3 yrs old so I don’t expect her to have a working knowledge of Wal-Mart or Super Target, but she does. We pass a store and she knows what it is. We say we’re going somewhere and she knows what to expect. It is usually common stores she remembers and recognizes, but she recently said “we’re going to Michael’s”. I couldn’t believe she knew what Michael’s is.

To test what she perceives about these stores I started asking her what they have at some of the ones I’ve heard her call by name. For the record I asked her about Target and she corrected me and said “it’s Super Target daddy” because we just got back from Orlando where they have one. Anderson is not good enough for Skyler now because we only have the regular Target.

So here’s the list of what they have at these stores according to Skyler:

Wal-Mart – food & toys

Super Target – Mickey Mouse stuff & buggies (that’s southern for shopping cart)

Bloom – medicine & ice cream

Bi-Lo – fruit snacks

NewSpring (threw this in there for my own curiosity of what she would say) – toys & playhouse

Chick Fil A – playground

McDonald’s – food & playground (scary she noted the food at McDonald’s but not at Chick Fil A)

Gas Station – gas & snacks

Ross – dresses (at least Shawna is showing Skyler how to shop smart)

Michael’s – stickers

Thought this was interesting. Corporations are marketing to kids I assure you. I wonder if my little survey would be worth anything to some of these companies so they can see what the kids are really capturing from their efforts. I bet Michael’s didn’t know stickers were so important. Shawna is on her way there at this very moment to get some crafts supplies and buy some stickers.

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