More on Finances & Relationships

I track a few blogs, scim them mostly, but read the ones that grab my attention. Check out the following in this order – good stuff:

Marriage & Money – Can Love Overcome Financial Incompatibility
The answer is NO by the way – they’re not compatible – it’s obvious. They’ll have to CHOOSE to become compatible or they will split – guarantee it. Love is a CHOICE – in all areas of the relationship. They’re gonna have to get together and be realistic.

Marriage & Money – Allowances for Adults
I like this one because Shawna and I need to do this. We usually do a pretty good job agreeing on what discretionary spending we’re gonna do, but it might be better to make it an official allowance, or ‘blow money’ as Joe Sangl calls it. We don’t normally do ‘blow money’ on the budget because the way we’ve been doing it is to reward being under budget by using some of the left over for pleasure.

This blog was linked in one of the posts linked above and it caught my interest. I’m going to add it to my feeds at least long enough to see if I like it. 

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