More Stupid Commercials

  • Viva Viagra – You’ve got to be kidding me. The King is rolling in his grave, and YES – he IS dead. In my opinion the ‘Viva Viagra’ ad is a lame and desparate attempt to get back some of the market share that Encyte (or however you spell it) stole with their strange smiling man and his happy wife commercials. These ads are just as unwanted as the Vagisil ad I mentioned last week but if I had to rate them all I’d say the Encyte one wins for cleverness – even though that smiling guy looks a little mentally handicapped.
  • Plavix – this drug is being advertised on every channel during the 6:00 hour. At least they’ve done a good job researching their demographic of old people who are watching the early news because they’ll be in bed before it comes back on at 11:00. I hate that the drug companies are advertising and driving up healthcare costs in our country because people see those commercials, go to their doctor, ask for these drugs specifically, the doctor gives them a prescription, and they pay for it with their insurance which is funded by the premiums of people like me who don’t visit the doctor for every sneeze and don’t ask for name brand prescriptions that might be unnecessary.
  • Speaking of unnecessary prescriptions – what is the name of that drug for RLS? You might be asking what is RLS? It is Restless Leg Syndrome. God help me I hope I don’t get that – whatever it is. Is it a muscle twitch or a leg cramp or something? Get up and walk around more. Eat something healthy or maybe take a vitamin. Stop making up ‘diseases’ and ‘syndromes’ to sell these stupid drugs that healthy people are paying for with their insruance premium – or with taxpayers dollars that fund medicaid. Saturday night live even made fun of this RLS thing with a skit about RPS – take a wild guess at what that is an abbreviation for. I’ll give you a hint: If RPS were real it would probably be listed as a warning by the fast voice at the end of the Viva Viagra commercial.
Ok, this has turned in to more of a prescription drug critique than a commercial critique, but it still doesn’t change how I feel about the commercials – they’re stupid. One of these days I’m going to get a DVR or TIVO or whatever those things are that help you skip commercials. They say the next big wave of advertising is product placement in shows and movies. Example – Instead of commercials for Coke you’ll see a Coke can in the hand of your favorite actor in your favorite movie – or whatever. t’s already happening. I can’t imagine how much ebay payed for their placement in the Transformer movie.
Anyway – knowing that is where advertising is headed it makes me wonder how companies like Viagra and Encyte are going to continue putting their products in front of the public on TV. Oh – we’re already being set up for perfect placement of those products. It’ll be in shows like Desparate Housewives and whatever this new one coming out is – Dirty Sexy Money. We don’t watch shows like this – the previews are scandelous enough. But it would be interesting to see if one of their episodes shows Eva Longevity (I made up Eva’s pornstar alias) and her partner of the day putting a bottle of their favorite pill on the night stand right before they…and that’s the part where we would turn the channel. 

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