Mother’s Day

I thought about trying to post something unique or special for Mother’s Day but after going to church yesterday afternoon (we go to the 4pm & volunteer at the 6pm service) I just have to mention what our church did for Mother’s Day.

Before I go there I will say our family had a special day. We showed appreciation for Shawna by letting her sleep in, taking her out to eat, getting ice cream, and being extra sweet to her all day (the kids said Happy Mother’s Day all day long). We should have done much more so I’ll make it up to Shawna hopefully real soon.

But I think everyone would agree the most powerful part of Mother’s Day yesterday was the blessing NewSpring gave to a single mom named Mika. They gave her a house. Someone donated the house and over 100 NewSpring volunteers donated materials and labor to make it amazing. You can watch the video on The video might not be available til tomorrow but it is awesome. What a blessing.

Hope everyone else enjoyed their Mother’s Day. Now it’s time to start thinking about Father’s Day!!!

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