My Kids Are Growing Up

Devin & Skyler are growing up so fast. Devin is signed up for soccer and Skyler is taking dance lessons. I’m going to coach the soccer, but we’ll leave the dance to someone more skilled in that area. Devin will be 4 in September and Skyler will be 3 in October. It seems like just yesterday they were tiny babies. I feel like I’m getting old, but in all reality I’m still young to have a 3 and 4 year old. When I was a teenager I had in my mind that I would have kids young enough that I could still play around with them when they got big enough to do stuff. I never knew it would really happen, but it did. Now I just pray that I’ll stay this healthy in 10 years when they start getting better than me at stuff. Anyway, life is good but it flies by. Hope you enjoy your kids as much as I’m trying to…

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