New – Meal Plan Sheet

For most people grocery shopping is not an activity we look forward to doing – especially when it requires sticking to a budget.  Most of us are usually too tired or busy to have to worry about what we’re going to cook.  We end up eating out more than we should, which is unhealthy, and spending more than we should, which is bad for the bank account.

In financial coaching we have found ourselves telling people over and over again about the Meal Plan Sheet (click to download) we use, but no one is ever able to find them.  It is hilarious how many people have come back to us and told their story of searching high and low everywhere for the meal plan sheets we told them about.  Well search no more – there it is!

Here’s why we love meal planning…  Each week we sit down with this sheet on Sunday’s and plan out meals for the whole week.  Having that plan prevents us from having to worry every day about “what’s for dinner.”  When anyone asks “what’s for dinner” they are pointed to the meal plan on the side of the refrigerator, and then they’re asked to help get started preparing it.

Having meals all planned out helps us fight the urge to eat out too.  But most importantly it helps us control our spending at the grocery store.  We’re much more likely to stick to the shopping list when we have a meal plan, and much less likely to stock up on things “just in case” when we have a detailed plan.

Now go print a bunch of them out and get started planning your meals from now on!

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