That’s right. Shawna is pregnant. We wanted to wait to make it public because we’ve already experienced the loss of having a miscarriage and we’re only about 6 weeks in to this pregnancy so we’re kinda excited, kinda nervous. However, we announced it to the family yesterday so the secret is out, especially with my sister (Lisa) who can’t keep a secret like this – she is part of the mouth of the south club. I had everyone worried when I started acting like I was taking a new job and moving even farther away, and then I told them I was pulling their leg – that the truth is Shawna is pregnant. It didn’t work when I tried it again on Lisa because I wasn’t as nervously convincing and because I tried adding details to the false story that made it unrealistic – like we were moving to San Diego.

Anyway, we’re still in the early stages but Shawna is pregnant, so please pray for her and baby’s health and for my own sanity as I’m naturally happy but overwhelmed by the responsibility of expecting a third child in the family.

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