Pet Hotel

Baby boomers are spending money on their pets like it is going out of style. I read about 6 or 8 years ago that it would happen and it is proving to be true. The kids are out of the house so baby boomers are pampering their pets. The article I read several years ago was about good businesses to start. Of course this is another opportunity I didn’t take advantage of, but it is one that I probably am not intended for either because I am probably considered in-humane to unruly animals.
PetSmart is doing great with the pet spending trend and their pet hotel initiative is brilliant. I travel on business just enough to cringe at hotel costs and the uncertainty of never knowing what to expect if I reserve one online that is ‘cheap’ (that’s why I usually stick to hotel chains that are consistent everywhere). Anyway, I’d like to ask PetSmart – how much is it per night and can I stay if my dog stays? Rascal – you’re going to earn it. When your lazy butt wakes up make yourself useful and get a place for us to stay for my trip to Raleigh. 

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