Prayer Requests

  • Steven Furtick rocked the house at NewSpring yesterday. Excellent speaker. Great encourager. Inspiring passion. Now that I know about his growing church in Charlotte that is a lot like NewSpring I’m even more open to moving there (that possiblity has crossed my mind many times since most of the opportunity for me in what I currently do for income is in the Charlotte area). Pray for God’s guidance in my career.
  • Speaking of work… Pray for me. I’m incredibly busy with my current clients and I need a lot more. Pray that I manage my time, my priorities, and my income with good stewardship. I’ve got a new baby on the way which means I’ll need more time and money before I know it, so I’m trusting the Lord to provide. I think he’s been telling me to have a yard sale…
  • Speaking of the new baby on the way… Pray for Shawna. She didn’t have “morning” sickness with either of Devin and Skyler so I guess she’s getting a triple whammy this time. She has been pretty much incapacitated with “all day” sickness for about a week with no end in sight. Pray that she can eat and hydrate without feeling like she’s gonna hurl.
  • Since Shawna has been incapacitated I’ve been in high-speed action mode around the house. Doing everything I normally get done as well as everything Shawna normally gets done. But I worry that Devin and Skyler aren’t getting as much of our attention as they need. Pray that I keep up with everything and stay patient with Devin and Skyler so we don’t all go nuts.
  • On top of it all this week is Summer Blockbuster (NewSprings version of VBS) so we’ll be very busy volunteering for that……
  • You know what – just say this prayer – “Lord help those Asbell people. They’ve got issues.”

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