Praying Mantis

Ok, I’ve had some pretty serious posts, so I’m gonna lighten it up today with a little story about the Carolina Mantis. That is the SC state bug. Didn’t know that, but it is an interesting fact that SC has a unique species of the praying mantis. Here’s some info about it.

Shawna saw one of these in our garage and asked me to go get it. I had no idea what kind of bug it was or that it is actually a good bug to have around because it can’t hurt people (other than freaking us out) but it can eat lots of other bugs that infest your yard.

Ok, so I’m in the garage checking this thing out. This is the only type of bug there is that can actually turn its head and look at you with it’s big freaky eyes. I started poking at it with a shoe and it would kinda grab at it with his little arms. I should have taken a picture of this thing and video. Of course my redneck nature kicked in after this bug bowed up so I stomped it dead. Then I showed it to Devin cause he likes to do battle with bugs too. He thought it was cool, but he still has a little trouble remembering “praying mantis”. For some reason he says something like “Thai Mantis”, but we’re working on it.

It wasn’t til later that day that I looked it up on the internet and found tons of info. I guess I could have spared it’s life and just thrown it out in the yard, but if a bug is capable of doing this to a hummingbird I’m not sure I want to take a chance of it tasting my kids:

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