Problem Solving or Creatively Wasting Time

It is easy to come up with ideas for creating new products or services or business processes because we simply think they are great ideas.  But how many of them solve problems that truly need solving?  So many organizations need to look more closely at what they’re already doing and realize the biggest problem they could solve is becoming better at what they already do. 

 Too often we do too many things too quickly to become good at any of them, and before we know it we’re drowning in details and falling behind.  Next thing we know we’re in a rut of mediocrity and can’t figure out why because we’re too busy to stop and think.

Is it possible that in all our creating and developing we failed to recognize the potential we already had that we weren’t taking advantage of?  What if we got a lot better at what we already do to increase our sales?  Would we have been more prepared for the next big thing?  Would we have identified other opportunities that would have been better to pursue than the ones we rushed in to?  All that time we probably thought we were solving problems and becoming great with all our creative ideas.  But couldn’t we argue that we might have just been creatively wasting time?   

My dad always told us “if you’re going to do it (anything), do it right the first time”.  The implication is that if we do it right the first time it won’t have to be re-done.  I really agree with that mentality.  Almost nothing is perfect when first created, but the point is get it right before calling it done and moving on to the next thing. 

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