Public Restroom

Ok, this is for all the guys out there who can’t keep the restroom clean. It has been bad enough for 28 years that every time I go to a public restroom I have to stand in someone elses piss while I go because someone before me was either oblivious to the fact that they dripped all over their shoes or they were just too dinky wang to make it hang over the toilet (or urinal). But now I have a 3 year old boy who goes to the big potty and pulls his pants down to his ankles to do so, thus making his pants get piss on them. Some toilets are a little tall for him too, so I either have to hold him up or let him stand on my feet, both of which make my own pants vulnerable to being soiled by foreign piss. To sum it up please piss in the toilet, make sure you drip it in the toilet, and if you’re too dinky to hang it out far enough it’s ok, shrinkage happens to all guys at certain moments (some more permanent than others), but if you can’t keep the piss in the toilet then you need to sit down like a lady.

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