Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I watched my neighbors dogs last week while they were gone on vacation. It was simple but they insisted on paying me. Does anybody else need me to watch after your dog?
  • I’m selling some stuff on ebay lately but I’m not making any money because I’m spending what I make on stuff I see on ebay.
  • You might remember several months ago Skyler had a dance recital. We just went and picked up our copy of the DVD yesterday. I’ll just say they need someone to do a professional video. This is a good business opportunity for anyone with a good camera and some editing capability – call The Dance Warehouse in Anderson, SC. I could have done a better job with my own home video camera. I was pretty upset about the poor quality for several reasons. They insisted that no one could bring cameras into the auditorium (even though many parents did – they must have already known of the poor video quality that would be provided for sale on DVD). So they lead us to believe the DVD on sale would be worth buying. It wasn’t! I won’t buy one next time unless I see about 3 professional videographers in the auditorium getting good shots from more then one angle and with more than a home video camera! Also, they were charging $15 for these DVD’s. If they were selling something of value it would have been worth $15, maybe even $25. But through most of the show the quality is so bad you can’t even tell who is who, and the song titles that were edited in had mispelling (heaven forbid they should have put the name of the class that was performing on the screen or even the names of the dancers – no, just the song titles). The only way I knew which kid was Skyler on one of the videos is because she does this one little leg move uniquely and when I saw them do that move I could tell which one was her. That’s bad. Somebody made a lot of money selling those DVD’s and what they should have done is refund everybody’s money. Now I’ll stop ranting about that.
  • Perry’s message yesterday made me feel better about this crazy post from last week. In fact he could have used it as an illustration.
  • I don’t want to be negative about anything that ain’t none of my business but when is Lee gonna let Orion play drums again? I haven’t talked to O in several weeks. O – If you’re reading this tell me when you’re scheduled to play again. Is it next week?
  • Next Sunday is going to be unbelievable at NewSpring for a lot of reasons – other than O might be playing drums.
  • Somebody anonymous left a comment last week something about thanks a lot for letting them know we are expecting. Sorry I haven’t called or emailed everyone personally or I might have even failed to mention it when I saw you anonymously in person. I’m still trying to wrap my own brain around it – we’re going to have 3 children in our house. The 18 year counter is going back to 0. 

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