Random Thoughts

A couple more random thoughts I had yesterday but I’m sharing today:

-NewSpring could be charging a premium for their premarital counselling service (but it’s a ministry). Here’s why I believe they could charge. If you don’t get good counselling before marriage you’re going to face one of two situations later – post marriage counselling possibly with an expensive professional or the dirty d-word that an expensive lawyer will handle (this is not to mention all the pain). Would you rather pay now or pay later? You’re going to pay. NewSpring is only charging enough to probably barely cover the cost of class materials.

-Sanjaya – unbelievable. I’m glad they went ahead and got rid of the girl who is taking the dress and move like a slut approach (repeat of that McPhee girl) because I think our culture edifies that poor behavior enough – especially in music. But dang Sanjaya… I can see it now. He’s gonna get signed and somehow end up with a hit in the top 40 and we’re all gonna eat our words of how awful he is. Ok, well maybe not all that. But if he does make an album I bet Joe Sangl will buy it…hahahaha Read his blog – he listens to Clay Aiken and everyone gives him a hard time.

– Big O that I mentioned in this post is going to be playing with a band at Wild Wings next Friday 4/20. I’m going to be there.

– This weekend I’m spending a lot of time at home with the kids and I hope to get started on a tile project in our bathroom.

Have a Great Weekend!!

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