Rarely Stolen Items From a Fellow Jesus Freak

Last week as I was traveling I heard a radio show host speaking of an incident he had recently been through. A thief had taken UPS packages off his porch while he was at work. He couldn’t figure out why in the world they had not delivered yet so he called the company he had ordered from and they eventually figured out there is a thief stealing packages in the area.

What was ironic was the goods that were in the box. He had ordered some Christian CD’s of various types off the internet. There were some preaching CD’s and I think he said there were some Christian books on CD and maybe even some Christian music on CD. You have to assume the thief didn’t know that’s what he was stealing and you have to wonder what he thought when he opened the box to find all that stuff. I imagine Christian goods being stolen is probably a rare occurrence.

What I thought was even more unexpected than what got stolen was who it was stolen from. If you live in upstate SC or have ever been here for any amount of time you have heard of the popular radio station B93.7 and their morning radio show hosts Hawk & Tom. These guys are hilarious along with Kato and Heidi.

Anyway, you can listen to these guys long enough to tell Hawk is the one with the best head on his shoulders and who really knows about the rest (my opinion). I had wondered before if they are Christian or not even though they are on the secular radio station (there is nothing wrong with that). Now that I heard Hawk tell his story of having all those Christian materials stolen from his front porch and make the statement “I like to listen to all that stuff during the week too” I think it is safe to assume Hawk is a Christian. I was very glad to hear this.

Now I’ll be praying that he can first of all withstand the others around him and second of all that he can be an example to them that they need Jesus. I think Tom needs brains first and then he needs Jesus, and Kato might be alright if he stops listening to Tom. Heidi just needs to stop hugging her tree and maybe she’ll listen about Jesus too.

I’m just kidding. I don’t really know any of those people and I could have them all wrong for all I know. All I know is what I hear come out of their mouth on the radio. But I think it took some guts for Hawk to mention that he is a Christian on the radio show that he is on and I commend him for taking that stand. 

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