Recycling Gifts

We’ve all heard of recycling gifts. You get that terrible thing you can’t use, or you already have one, or the worst is when it is something hideous. You put it away and save it for a day when you need to give a gift to someone else, then you just give them one you’ve put away.

I’m not sure why I haven’t, but I’ve never actually recycled a gift (it’s crossed my mind but I’ve just never actually done it). However, Skyler – my 3 yr old princess, has already learned the art of gift recycling – well, almost learned. She recycled her gifts to herself….

Well this was yet another day when I was working and one of the kids was home with me. Skyler is different than Devin though. About the worst thing I would have to worry about her doing is writing on the wall or putting stickers all over the furniture. So as long as I don’t hear her crying I’m not usually too worried about something being destroyed while Skyler is home with me.

Evidently since Christmas was just a month ago Skyler noticed where her Momma put away all the gift bags (for recycling – ha). So during this time when she obviously got bored she decided to go to that closet and get out about 20 of these bags. There were bags of all sizes – large and small – I don’t think a single one was the same size. But every one of them was a pretty bag (none of them had batman or any “boy” stuff on them).

But she didn’t just get out the bags. She proceeded to pack them with all her toys. She had almost every toy in her room (new and old) gift wrapped in these bags. It was quite interesting.

When I went in to her room and noticed what she had done I was speechless. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Skyler is like me in that she likes things organized, but sometimes she organizes things in creative kid ways. So I thought maybe this was just another creative kid organization thing. I was wrong.

I asked her what she was doing and with excitement in her voice she informed me “those are my presents”. For my own entertainment I acted like I didn’t understand and asked her who she was going to give all those presents to and she was quick to let me know those presents were FOR her.

On more than one occasion I’ve joked with friends or family that we could give kids dollar store gifts, or hide some of their toys they neglect and re-wrap them as gifts later. Well, you don’t even have to hide them. My precious daughter proved it herself.

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