Reflective Refining

Everyone goes through periods of time where they just need to step back, evaluate where they’ve come and where they’re going, and make adjustments. Often it takes just a moment. Sometimes it takes a few days. At least a few times in life it takes a few months or more depending on the circumstances. In recent months I’ve had one of those periods of time that has required lots of reflection. There were some welcome distractions from everything on my mind during this time, but I think I’m ready to get on with what I believe God wants me to do.

It’s always interesting for me to look back on experiences I’ve had to gain wisdom and understanding about how circumstances and relationships come and go and change along the way, and how all that influences my life in various ways – how it’s all connected. Some things are good and some are not so good, but we can at least have the peace of knowing that all things are according to God’s plan.

Through it all we have to choose how we’re going to respond to all circumstances and relationships that come our way – both the good and the not so good. Sometimes faith is humbly seizing the moment when things are going well and sometimes it’s humbly getting back up when things don’t go how we hoped they would.

Refusing to learn and change will make us repeat the same mistakes over and over but embracing change and learning from difficult seasons in life can open our future to new and better opportunities. How we refine our responses to life is part of God’s plan for our journey. As they always say at my church – the best is yet to come.

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