Rock Bridge Community Church

I mentioned in this post that we visited our family in Dalton, GA and went to the church where my brother attends – Rock Bridge Community Church. It was very good. Not NewSpring but very good. Then again I’m very biased because NewSpring is my church.

Anyway, I got to meet the pastor, Matt Evans, very briefly. He was standing at the front door kinda to the side greeting people as they came up the side walk. Perry used to stand out in the lobby when NewSpring was meeting at Anderson University. He might still come out to the lobby at the church we’re in now but I never see him because we always enter at the end of the building where the children check in, and we’re usually late. It was nice to meet Matt. I think he and I are about the same age and I’m so glad to see the amazing work God is doing through his vision and ministry back in my home town.

I remember when Shawna and I first started going to NewSpring I said “What if there was a church like this in Dalton?” Now there is!! Matt is mentoring with Perry which is very cool. Rock Bridge is doing a lot of things similar to NewSpring and a lot of things unique. The worship is great and the message was well planned and communicated. I can tell why Rock Bridge is probably the fastest growing church in the Dalton area.

Rock Bridge meets in the old historic Winks Theater in downtown Dalton. It has been renovated on the inside with new seating and carpet and such. The architecture is all pretty much still the same with the detail around the sides of the stage, the entrance to the building that stands out like the old stage theaters you see in the movies. It is really really cool. Also, they have like a coffee shop at the front of the facility. What’s up with that Perry and crew at NewSpring? We don’t have a coffee shop. Just kidding, but not really. Why don’t we have a coffee shop? The kids facility is kinda tight but they’re adding more facilities across the street in the old historic downtown Dalton. How cool is that the new generation of ministry is taking over the old downtown area…

I’m really excited for Rock Bridge. They’re attracting people who wouldn’t go to a traditional church, like my brother in law who has been saved for a couple of years but hasn’t had a church home.

Oh, right here I just had a thought. Perry mentioned a couple of things this past Sunday I’d like to agree but disagree with (I can love him and NS without being a “yes” man – ok). He said that people shouldn’t say they don’t go to a particular church because they aren’t “being fed” because even a 2 yr old can feed themselves (analogy meaning your personal relationship with Christ is how you feed yourself). I agree with his spurring us to not think that way, but continuing with his analogy I have to ask – but why go to a church that ain’t got no dessert?(that was southern for ‘don’t have any’). A two year old is smart enough to go where the good food is…. Also, Perry mentioned something about people have been calling the church to see if he is going to be preaching the upcoming Sunday because they don’t want to come if he isn’t and that’s like worshipping the pastor and all that blah blah blah. Well, I grew up a pastors kid, married a pastors kid, and have known probably a million pastors in my little lifetime of 29 years and I like it when they try to ‘humble’ themselves. I’ll second whatever Perry said by saying preachers ain’t all that – Perry included. They’re just people, respectable and commendable for what they do, but not praisable or worshippable by no means. Besides Perry sweats and stinks like none other at the gym – and he wears ugly shoes sometimes (short story – I told him his shoes were ugly in the gym one day and I could tell he wanted to ‘punch me in the throat’ – he had heard a rumor I didn’t know about some stupid women discussing how much he pays for the ugly shoes – I just thought they were ugly and it was funny – I don’t care what they look like or how much he paid – for goodness sake if you spend as much time as he does on a stinkin treadmill you need some dang good kicks – that’s shoes for those of you who have never lived in Atlanta).

Anyway, I’m rambling now. Rock Bridge has a good thing going on and I hope I get to visit again. When we’re in Dalton I’m torn between going there or to the church I went to when I lived there, not to mention my father-in-law is the current pastor – Crosspoint Christian Centre. I’m subscribing to the email list of Matt Evan’s blog and plan to learn more from his lead at Rock Bridge. GOD is doing great things through creative churches. It’s very exciting to watch.

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