Round Trip Ticket to Space Please

Does anyone else remember Apollo 13 the movie? If I recall correctly the astronauts were put through hell just to be accepted to the astronaut training, and in training they had to pass tests of immortality. Maybe I’m exaggerating but it seemed pretty stringent.

Oh how things are changing…

The World’s First Spaceport
It’s tourism meets Star Trek. Architects have started preliminary work on the design of Spaceport America’s 100,000-square-foot terminal and hangar facility in New Mexico. It will be the primary base of the Virgin Galactic spaceliner, which, starting in 2009, will whisk travelers into space for a short trip into orbit if they pony up for a $200,000 ticket. The spaceport, expected to reach completion by early 2010, will also be the headquarters of the New Mexico Spaceport Authority.


I’m curious to know the details of how they can make such an offering to the public, but I have no intentions of ever paying $200k for a ticket. Maybe by 2040 the price will come down – like computers and cell phones. But by then there will be something even cooler – like studying abroad on Mars or a ticket to meet aliens in person. 

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