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Since my job is sales I’m always reading and listening to tips and instruction about good sales practices and techniques. Sometimes I run across material that I think is bad advice or it’s poorly written in a way that confuses sales people more than helps them. I can really appreciate when someone writes something that truly simplifies an activity and encourages the sales person to go tackle the task. Sometimes detailed instruction is necessary, but a lot of times we just need something brief to remind us how to be prepared and what to do in some simple steps. Here is a good example…

Preparing for Cold Calling
By Ilise Benun

You may hate the idea of cold calling, but you know it’s a good way to reach your best prospects. So you’re ready to hunker down and do it.

Here are the three things you need to have in hand before you pick up the phone:

1. Two or three concise opening statements that say who you are, why you’re calling, and the connection between you and your prospect (if there is one). Experiment with these opening statements to see which makes the most sense, which is more comfortable for you, which flows easier. Then test each one during actual cold calls.

2. Two or three questions you’d like answered. You may not get to all of them – but have them ready, in case the person you’re calling is open to chat and has the time.

3. One or two closing statements that spell out what you will do next, what you’d like your prospect to do next, and what you expect to receive from and/or send to him.
Don’t forget to ask for your prospect’s e-mail address before you get off the phone. Because after you hang up, you’re going to send him a quick e-mail that repeats what you’ve just agreed to.

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