Savers Are Nerdy

Since I wrote that spenders are messy it is only fair that I pick on savers too.  This is part of having FUN managing money TOGETHER Рrecognizing the funny things about each others differences and not taking everything so seriously.

But seriously ūüôā , Savers Are Nerdy. ¬†Think about it and you have to agree. ¬†Keep in mind I am a saver, but I’m not as nerdy as some thanks only to the influence of my lovely wife. ¬†Here is a list of 10 things to support my statement that savers are nerdy.

Savers are Nerdy because:

  1. They are good at math, some even love math.
  2. They enjoy working on spreadsheets.
  3. They are likely engineers or have done an engineer type of job.
  4. Their clothes are out of date by 5 years.
  5. They prefer PC over Mac (partly because they’re a third of the cost of Mac).
  6. They know their bank balances, as in they know them at all times.
  7. They know the exact amount of every household bill every month.
  8. They say “That’s not in the budget” no matter how uncool it is in any moment.
  9. They would eat cold rice and beans at home alone in the dark every night to save.
  10. They flip they junk when spenders misbehave.  (terminology courtesy of a friend on Рflip your junk)
I am a recovering saver. ¬†My wife is a recovering spender. ¬†Compromise and working together is a beautiful thing. ¬†Every time Shawna and I are playfully picking on each other about our quirky differences she tells me “you’d miss it if I was gone”. ¬†Kinda doom and gloom – right. ¬†But funny nonetheless. ¬†Well spenders let me tell you something about us savers’ quirks – “you’d miss having money if we were gone”. ¬†Ok, that’s not very funny. ¬†Number 11 reason savers are nerdy – we’re not very funny.

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