Savings Tip – High Mileage Discount

A couple of weeks ago a friend reminded me of a helpful discount everyone should be reminded of from time to time. I take it for granted because it always applies to me. It is the high mileage discount on automobile property tax (or whatever they call it in your state).

I remember the first time I learned about the high mileage discount.  It saved me about $50, but I had to actually call in and request that my tax bill be recalculated for the high mileage on my car. That makes sense actually since they don’t have any way of knowing that the mileage is on our car unless we tell them.

I don’t think there is any sort of chart to go by to know whether or not your car qualifies, and I think how much the discount is depends on the age of the vehicle relative to it’s mileage. It is worth the time to check because the savings could be significant.

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