Self Promotion

Since I’m talking about networking I’ll add some more tips I picked up from an author named Jeffrie Story. If you’re questioning my motive for posting these type of things it is simply to help people realize that they have to raise the image others have of you to be successful – it’s just a fact of life. Researchers have proven in study after study that self promotion is key to a persons success. So get over the uncomfortable feeling it can give you and start trying to understand why this type of stuff is important… Here’s the tips on being a natural at self-promotion:

1. Natural self-promoters constantly put themselves in the presence of people who can help them achieve their goals. They meet new people, set up informational interviews, attend networking events, join community groups, and mingle with coworkers and colleagues.

2. Some of the best self-promoters are those who make themselves stand out. They know what makes them different and special, and they use those unique qualities to make themselves distinctive and memorable.

3. Just as big companies build brand awareness by repeating the same logo, commercial, or jingle over and over, natural self-promoters know how to get inside the heads of their prospects. They make multiple calls and send multiple e-mails or letters to make an indelible impression on their targets’ minds.

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