Snow Skiing

A few weeks ago Perry (pastor at NewSpring) told about his terrible experience the first time he went skiing. Shawna could almost tell that story exactly the same. I took her skiing for her first time (my second time) about 8 years ago this month. She made some of the same mistakes Perry did.
She fell getting off the lift, but she managed to knock me down too so it was ugly and the lift had to be stopped. The last thing I said was “keep your poles close beside you so we don’t get tangled up”. Where did the pole closest to me go as we got off the lift? Between my legs – and we both tumbled.

Later that day we went down a hill that had some moguls. I went down first and with my superior athletic ability (and a little previous experience) I bounced back and forth down the moguls with some level of control – the way you’re supposed to do it. Then I look back and Shawna is coming straight down the moguls getting higher and higher air with each bump. When she finally fell down so she could stop I was terrified at how close she was to a small tree that was oddly right in the middle of the slope. She was laughing hysterically.

Those were great times. The best part about it was we were skiing in Colorado, not North Carolina. The difference is an intermediate slope in Colorado (no such thing as a bunny slope in Colorado) is about the equivalent of a black diamond in North Carolina – from what I hear anyway – I’ve never been mudsliding in North Carolina.

Shawna did much better the rest of that week – it just took some time and practice. I can’t wait to go skiing again one day. We loved it!

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