So Predictable

Some things are so predictable aren’t they?  I know that Christmas is going to happen this year on December 25th – so predictable.  I know everyone’s birthday is going to happen on the same day this year as every other year.  I know we’ll probably try to take some sort of vacation at some point this year.  I know the odds are very high that at least one totally unexpected event will happen this year.

The great thing about all that predictability in my life is I can plan for it and do everything in my power to be prepared for it.  Rather than ignore those things until they’re upon me, or let them just “slip my mind”, I can be intentional.  With all this predictability there’s no reason to ever have to use a credit card to pay for those things.

The only problem is it takes work and discipline to do this type of preparation.  There’s always a catch huh – we can’t just give everyone a money tree.  Stop whining and get busy!

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