Spenders Are Messy

There are a lot of comparisons to make between spenders and savers.  Spenders want stuff and fun while savers are ok with what they have and are more attracted to free fun…etc etc.  But there is another comparison I’ve noticed that I believe has some merit.

SAVERS are likely to be more organized and orderly than spenders.  The reasons for this are obvious.  Being organized and orderly reduces the chance of wasting anything or losing anything (things that drive a saver nuts).

On the other hand spenders tend to be disorganized and messy.  They just leave stuff laying around wherever and stuff gets lost inevitably.  Some things they don’t care to lose because it might never be important to them again.

I’m a saver by nature so it isn’t nice for me to talk this way about the spenders.  Before all the spenders get all riled up I should go ahead and say I know there are exceptions, and sometimes us savers can be pack rats.  We hold on to stuff that we “might need” and while we know where it all is the proper term for it becomes “organized clutter.  I understand all that but I want to pick on spenders today.

I actually have three examples to validate my theory…bless their hearts…so I can speak freely about them…with love…in Jesus name:

Shawna Asbell:  My lovely wife who I love so much.  She and I have both compromised over the years.  I used to be a neat freak and she used to have more clothes laying around than where they belong.  Over time she has become a bit neater while I have become a bit messy – compromise.  With three children in the house now with their own little tendencies we have just enough organized chaos to make us all crazy.  But Shawna’s natural tendency is disorganization, and she’s the spender in our house also.

Joe Sangl:  He is a great friend.  I love him.  But dude would probably be on hoarders without his wife Jenn.  It wouldn’t be because he collects things.  It would be because anywhere he goes it looks like an explosion happened and he rarely calms down long enough to think about cleaning it up.  He is a self-professed spender and convicted clutterer.

Paul Moyer:  Another great friend.  I love him.  But his work desk also a disaster.  It usually looks like a terrorist bombing took place inside a coupon factory and when you look closely you see a body, it’s Paul.  He would probably be on hoarders with Joe if it wasn’t for his wife Amy.  He is also a self-professed spender and convicted coupon-bomber.

Three out of three is good enough trend for me.  Who do you know that is a spender and is also messy?

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