Start By Working With What You Have

When I help I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. teach personal finance I hear questions like these:

  • “What if I don’t have money?”
  • “How do I budget on disability?”
  • “How do I budget on unemployment?”

Normally the person asking one of these questions is looking for an excuse to continue making poor decisions, refusing to make sacrifices, or to just plain feel sorry for themselves.  Every time I am approached with one of these questions I think of people I have coached.

A lady bringing home $750 per month has found a way for her and her son to live on that.  A couple with no more room in their budget found a way to make up the $350 per month gap by turning a hobby into a small income stream.  A person years behind on taxes finds the courage to open the statements and make the calls.  A person with 50 years of debt payments ahead of them becomes determined to do what they can and pray for a miracle.

I don’t take the ‘woe is me’ mentality from people who aren’t willing to do what they’re capable of where they’re at rather than hoping something will just happen to get them what they want without their effort.  Show me what you’re willing to do for yourself and I’ll help you see what can be accomplished with what you have.

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