Super Bowl XLVI

How much are you spending to celebrate America’s most popular sports moment?  This info graphic illustrates how much is spent by consumers and advertisers.  Below the graphic are my five rules for Super Bowl parties…

Mark Asbell Super Bowl Party Rules

  1. Watch the game.  Before the game and after the game anything else goes, but during the game WATCH THE GAME.  If you choose not to watch the game at least don’t try distracting those who are watching the game.
  2. Watch the commercials.  Refer to rule #1.  This is not a normal football game, it’s the super bowl.  From opening kickoff to the final second is “during the game” and everything that happens “during the game” is part of the super bowl experience and shouldn’t be missed.
  3. Watch the halftime show.  Refer to rule #1 & 2.  No one knows if it is going to stink.  I’ve never regretted watching while it stinks but I have regretted missing it when it’s great.
  4. Eat great food.  Wings are a great football watching food, but keep your ranch dressing away from me.  Veggie trays are cool too but again, keep your nasty ranch dressing away from me.  Keep your sour cream, mayo, and any other rank tasting white sauce away from me.
  5. Just be a good sport.  Pick a team to pull for even if you don’t like either one of them, and don’t get flagged for poor fanmanship (whatever you do don’t be “that guy” who talks smack like they’re one of the players on the field).

As for me, I’m pulling for the Giants.  I could care less about the Giants, but I like the Manning brothers.  Good luck Eli and the Giants.

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