Dancing to Someone Else’s Tune

 As we strive to reach our goals and dreams we sometimes think as we increase our financial status or level of leadership that we will somehow become less dependent on what others want us to do.  That might be true to an extent, but I believe often times we get this false perception that we will somehow have more control of everything around us than we really do.

For whatever reason Shawna and I love lawyer shows.  We used to watch The Practice religiously.  Now we watch The Good Wife with the same consistency (the crazy thing is the title of the show should be “The Worst Marriage Ever” because the Good Wife’s husband cheated, they separated, and she is in and out of an affair with her boss).  Anyway, in one scene of the show a “partner” at the law firm, Will, made this statement, “It seems no matter how high we go we’re still dancing to someone else’s tune.”

Isn’t that true?  When we’re working a job we’re dancing to the bosses tune.  When we own a business we’re dancing to the customers tune.  Even if we have a ton of money in the bank or investments we’re dancing to the tune of whatever is going on in the economy or government.

I believe no matter how much confidence and control of our life we gain we will still to some degree be dancing to someone else’s tune to maintain what little control we actually have. Ultimately we have to learn that God is the one in control.

Do you ever feel like you’ll always be dancing to someone else’s tune?