Goal Priority

It’s probably safe to say everyone has heard of the honey-do list.  For any married man who hasn’t – congratulations – you must be newlywed and under 30 yrs old.  The term “honey-do list” refers to the idea of wives having a running list of tasks for husbands to do around the house.  It comes from past eras when men were generally handy around the house and didn’t have to hire everything out.  (As Shawna and I have become more financially able I have made it a point to hire more handy-man tasks out because it’s better for my spiritual and mental health, and probably everyones physical safety).

Most people have probably also heard about writing down financial goals, or “Hopes, Plans, & Dreams” as my friend Joe would say it because he is a man of many words.  I’ve found a challenge in my family finances and the finances of families I’ve coached.  The list of goals is long and lofty enough to take a lifetime.  Some of the items on the list are way more important than others.  Some items that are important to me are not important to Shawna, and vice versa.  How is it possible to prioritize the list and maintain peace in the financial house?

Introducing the first ever tool on this website, the Money-Do List.

Let me know what you think about this tool.  In the coming days/weeks I plan to show you how Shawna and I have used this approach to determine what order we would use to prioritize the things we’ve been accomplishing for the last several years.