The Heart of a Teacher

Has anyone ever asked you the question, “What is the one thing you would do every day if you could?”  When I was seriously challenged with that question recently I couldn’t help but default to a generic answer that I feel didn’t get the point across.

I’ve thought a lot about what am I excited about, passionate about, and what has God been preparing me to do for him.  The one thing that I love to do is teach.  Not as in school teacher, not even class-style of any type necessarily.  I love equipping others to do more than they were able to do before.

When I was really challenged with the question I couldn’t think of anything else to say except something that came out like this, “teach – if I could do the same thing every day it would just be teach.”  What I meant by that is way more broad than how I said it.  If I could say it again I might list some ways to apply the heart of a teacher:

  •  large group teaching
  •  1 on 1 teaching
  •  teaching others to teach
  •  social media and web engagement with people
  •  all things related to writing and material development for teaching
  •  development of all things technology related to teaching delivery methods
  •  leading group efforts to make it all excellent (because I can’t do ALL the stuff it takes to make all that excellent)

Maybe next time I’m presented with a question like that I’ll be better prepared to answer.  Now if I can just find a way to make everything I currently do more geared toward the heart I have for teaching and helping people…

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