The New Call of Duty Game

This is too funny, so I have to share it…

John Crist is my newest favorite comedian because he does funny stuff about church, and that is hilarious to me because of my experience with lots of churches of many types throughout my life.

He recently hit on a subject that is so true in our current culture.  Married men are increasingly the primary demographic for video games.  Particularly, the game Call of Duty is very popular.  We can be manly men in that game, blowing stuff up and taking names, and still be home for dinner.  And I’ve heard some great reasons for games being a good form of entertainment:

  • It’s relatively cheap compared to other alternatives (such as paintball, and that isn’t very manly compared to blowing stuff up)
  • It’s something our sons enjoy and can do with us (and some daughters, the tom-boy ones probably)
  • It’s a good release, me time, man time.  I’ve read that men who get to watch a manly movie every now and then, or play a manly game, are more likely to be passionate husbands (that’s a good thing).

The problem, as is true with anything in life, is getting off-balance.  When the hobby becomes an obsession that consumes massive amounts of time and energy.  Let’s face it.  It isn’t cheap anymore if we’re forfeiting the opportunity to work a few more hours and increase our income.  It isn’t something good to do with our kids if it is the only thing we do together and they barely know us outside the game.  It isn’t a good release if we’re more consumed with playing another round every night than we are going to bed with our wife.

I love games too, and if I wanted to I could let it be the only thing my son and I do because he is very in to games.  But I just can’t do that, and honestly I’m not THAT in to games to even want to do that.  I recently heard a statistic about kids who game all the time are a lot more likely to have problems with a long list of stuff later in life.  That’s reason enough for me to limit how much gaming happens in my house.  Anyway…  Check out this video – John makes humor about the next Call of Duty game that might not be popular but we need to love it more than any of the others.

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