Three Life Values I Learned From Dad

It’s Father’s Day, so there is no better time for me to write about my dad. He’s quite a character I tell you. His sense of humor is pretty much one of a kind, and he makes a great subject of humor as well. But I’ll save some of that for later. Today I thought I’d share three of the life values I’m glad to have learned from my dad.

Work Ethic

My dad has always been a very hard worker. When I was young he was not only a pastor but he also worked on cars to help make ends meet, and he still works hard. He passed that work ethic on to me and my siblings. When we were kids we had to do chores – REAL chores (unlike kids now). To this day my siblings and I are all doing more than one thing to work whether we really need to for money or not. I believe it’s part of who we are.

Service to others

Obviously since my dad was formerly a pastor he is a person with a servants heart. He will do anything he can to help someone who needs a hand and not expect anything in return. Even though he quit pastoring churches long ago he still serves in ministry every week at his local church because he believes in serving people as Christ served. It has been difficult for me at times to embrace the servants heart that is engrained in me from my dad because of the negative things that happen to preachers’ families. No matter how much I’ve tried at times to AVOID serving others I seem to always find myself doing what dad would do – serving others in some way whether it’s in business or in ministry and whether it’s paid or volunteer.


Dad set an example for us of dedication to:

  • God – I’ve never had to worry whether or not my dad is wavering in his faith.
  • Marriage – I’ve never had to worry whether or not dad was going to leave mom.
  • Family – Dad and mom set an example for our entire family to be very loyal to the family even when we don’t agree.
  • Church – I can tell you where dad is every Sunday morning.
  • Personal Responsibility – Though my dad is far from perfect I’m confident he does what he thinks is right and when he makes a mistake he does what he can to make it right.


What quality values can you attribute to the influence of your dad?

Happy Fathers Day!


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