Tile Work – Holy Cow

HOLY COW is the only words I could think of to describe how my body feels all over this morning after putting tile down. My great friend Lenny, who happens to be blogging here now, has done tile work before so he is helping me do it in our bathroom. It looks so much better and it will be so worth it, but HOLY COW it is hard work.

I worked out at the gym yesterday pretty hard, and I did some lifts that I haven’t been doing in a while. Then I put my body to even more strain last night putting that tile down. This morning I’m feeling it big time. It’s worth it to have such a nice bathroom floor – especially compared to the previous crap that Regal Homes put on the floor. Don’t ever build a Regal Home. I don’t know anyone who has been satisfied well enough to recommend them to anybody.

Anyway, I have a whole new level of understanding just exactly what an old high school friend of mine, Shaun Kiniry, goes through on a daily basis doing tile work. I’m sure he is much more efficient at it than Lenny and I, but dang! That’s a tough job to do every day.

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