Took A Break

If you check this blog often I’m sorry it’s been a couple of weeks, and thank you for coming back.  I took some much needed time off, from everything.  Shawna and I got away for some relaxation, and we spent some time with family for Thanksgiving.  It seems we got to have more meaningful conversations in one week than we’ve probably had all year.  I’m so blessed to have a loving and supportive wife.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too.  We all can benefit from taking a break every now and then.  It helps us re-energize and refocus.  There is a great statement my friend Joe learned from one of the great church leaders out there, whose name I don’t recall at the moment, and Joe reminds me of it often.  “A change of place and change of pace brings a change of perspective.”  I hope the posts to come add value to you and reflect how much I care about your success both financially and relationally.

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