Utilizing Education & Talents

This one really hits home for me when I think about my path so far.  I went all the way through college and now have a job that I probably could have learned without any college.  I agree the education probably sharpens my ability to solve problems and work smarter, but I often question why I’m not doing something that utilizes my education and talents more.  Maybe I’m over-thinking it.

Instead of focusing too much on what I might have done wrong along the way I try to focus on continuing to educate myself in new ways and find or develop new talents.  To make myself good at the things in my work I try to read industry publications and self-help materials that help me improve not only in my work but as a person.  That is part of the reason for this blog.  I’ve found that my education has given me a decent ability to write so why not use that to share thoughts and ideas and improve that ability…

I’ve also learned that the simple fact of knowing how to read, write, and do arithmetic gives me the ability to learn pretty much anything else that I want.  With the internet and libraries full of books there is an endless opportunity for educating ourselves and learning how to develop our talents.

The point is we are all educated in something or in some way (if not then we should use some time to become educated).  What are we doing to put our education and talents to good use and/or learn new things to build on the education we already have?  Our education and talents are a resource we should be using to prosper.


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